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5 Wonderful AND Accessible Restaurants In Hamilton

It’s in the nature of my business that I see a lot of people who have been injured in a car accident or other situation, and what always strikes me is how much their lives change, either for a little while or forever, as a result of their injuries.

From one day to the next, they can’t do the things they used to do, participate in the activities that they used to or even relax the way they used to. Even going out for dinner can become an obstacle.

I have noticed more than once that a lot of establishments are not accessible. Keep in mind too that when I say ‘accessible’, I don’t just mean accessible for wheelchairs. Anyone with limited mobility would have difficulty navigating the steep stairwells leading to some bathroom facilities that I’ve seen over the years.

Perhaps as a personal injury lawyer, I’m more prone to picking up on these things, but even beyond thinking of people who have been injured, I also think about our ageing population. It strikes me as just a little bit short-sighted not to make a better effort at inclusion. Those, however, are matters for city bylaws, inspectors, and organized citizens to undertake.

For my part, I thought it might be useful to showcase a few dining establishments in the Hamilton area that are, in fact, accessible. Several that I have listed here are places that I count among my favorites but just to be sure on the issue of accessibility, my office called around to each one, so you can count on the information too.


Lo Presti’s — located at 165 Jackson St. E., Hamilton (905) 528-0205

For some traditional Italian fare or a great steak that won’t disappoint, visit this location. Free parking and a private room for special family or business events are among their other amenities.


Cafe Limoncello — located at 226 Ottawa St. N., Hamilton (905) 549-3556

Book a table here by phone or online, via OpenTable, and you will be welcomed with traditional charm in this self-proclaimed ‘Italian eatery’ from brunch, lunch or dinner. On-site private events in their Bella Room are welcome too.


Stonewalls — located at 339 York Blvd., Hamilton (905) 577-0808

This restaurant and live music venue is a classic. Whether you’re going to an event at Copps Coliseum, which is within walking distance, or just need a night out that’s upbeat and fun, grab a spot on the patio and relax. Check out the site for upcoming concert listings. Free parking.


The Aberdeen Tavern ― located at 432 Aberdeen Ave., Hamilton (905) 523-7707

This classic tavern has a warm ambience that would beckon anyone on a cold, winter day. Lunch and dinner daily, with brunch on the weekends and a seasonal patio available. The restaurant and restrooms are accessible, though I need to note that the private event space is not, as it has a staircase to get to it.


Southern Smoke — located at 201 Ottawa St. N., Hamilton (905) 544-4BBQ

This casual space is set up cafeteria style but don’t let that deter you. It’s some of the best Southern style barbecue around, including baby back ribs, redneck poutine, pulled pork and corn muffins. What a great Hamilton experience!

Mobility issues are serious but they shouldn’t mean that you cannot go out and enjoy life to the fullest, so If you or someone in your life has need of accessible restaurants, at least you can be sure to find an easy and friendly welcome at any one of these establishments.

Do you know of others in the area that are wheelchair accessible? Let us know!


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