Insurance Companies: How Do They Decide What’s A Fair Settlement?


Dramatic trials, judges and juries are the stuff of Hollywood. Here’s how insurance companies decide what’s fair in the real world… Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, step aside; it’s time to let go of the myth that big insurance payouts happen in the dramatic fashion we see in Rainmaker and Erin Brockovich. In Canada, at … Read more

Personal Injury Lawyer – What to Expect When You Meet With One


Need to meet with a personal injury lawyer? Here’s what you can expect from the initial process – and it’s easier than you think Personal injury lawyers are often portrayed as aggressive and intimidating fast talkers. This reputation isn’t helped by the hundreds of radio & TV ads we experience on behalf of the big … Read more

My 5 Most Popular Blogs About Hamilton & The Law


As we approach the end of the year, I thought it was a good time to look back at those posts readers have found most valuable. Some of the issues that I’ve addressed in these posts are worth re-visiting, so without further ado, here are five of my most popular posts on personal injury law … Read more

The 5 Ways You Can Screw Up Your Personal Injury Case


I’m a personal injury lawyer and I love what I do: helping individuals and families get the results on their claims that they deserve. But I can’t do the job alone. It’s a team effort, not just on the part of myself and my staff. A positive outcome is only possible with your help and … Read more

Driving Without Insurance – Don’t Ever Do This

driving without insurance ontario

A couple times a year, someone walks through my door who’s had an accident, are not at fault, but have no insurance to help. It doesn’t matter how badly they’re injured, with no insurance, there’s simply nothing I can do to help. It’s heartbreaking. Having a motor vehicle accident is bad enough, but when you’re … Read more

Why I Became A Personal Injury Lawyer, In My Own Words

Have you heard this one? What’s the difference between a lawyer and a jellyfish? One is a spineless, poisonous blob. The other is a form of sea life. Awful, right? Bad lawyer jokes persist over time because somewhere, at some point in time, there has been a lawyer who fit the bill to a tee. … Read more

How Insurance Companies Determine Compensation – An Insider’s Perspective


This is the blog I’d like every client to read. Before starting Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law, I worked as defense for the insurance companies. I saw, first hand, exactly how insurance companies determine compensation and make their decisions. I also saw why some people received generous compensation while others with similar injuries received none. … Read more

Personal Injury Calculator – Do They Work?


Personal Injury settlement calculator is a tool that you can use in order to get an estimate of how much compensation you are liable to get for pain and suffering the quickest and easiest way. Most injury settlement calculators typically ask for details in general such as whether how much income you have lost and … Read more

Personal Injury Lawsuits – Timing Is Everything

personal injury lawsuit timeline

You know the old saying ‘time is money’? Well, in personal injury law, it’s more than just a saying. Regardless of how you are hurt — a slip and fall on the sidewalk, a car accident, or an injury at someone else’s home, to name a few — there is a time limit within which … Read more

How To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Without A Lawyer

what is a personal injury claim

Here is how to file a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer…Step 1: Don’t do it. Okay, okay, you had to know I was going to write that. While it’s possible to file a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer, it’s not recommended. Why? Because the defendant, an insurance company (or someone represented by an … Read more