Sport Waivers and Changes to Accident Benefits

In this interview, Derek talks about whether or not sports-related waivers for adults and children hold up in court, how insurance companies decide what’s fair when determining the amount of compensation an injury victim should receive, and recent changes to accident benefits in Ontario. 00:21 – 12:09 Sporting Related Waivers for Adults and Children 12:53 … Read more

Types of Personal Injury & Insurance Benefits

We all know that honesty is the best policy, but what does that mean when you hire a personal injury lawyer? Derek talks about how to work with your personal injury lawyer and goes deeper into personal injury law. Then he reveals little known facts about income replacement if you’ve been in an accident, and he … Read more

Insurance and Surveillance

Injury victims cringe at the idea of insurance companies using surveillance to undermine their case, but surveillance is a reality that must be understood by anyone who’s in a personal injury suit. Derek reveals when insurance companies are obligated to reveal that they are using surveillance against you and when they are not. 00:12 – … Read more

About Derek Wilson and Long Term Disability

In this introductory interview, Derek shares a bit about himself and why he chose to support accident victims, and then goes into greater detail around long term disability and slip and fall situations. 00:12 – 12:36 About Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law 13:24 – 30:09 Long-Term Disability & Slip And Falls 30:36 – 36:46 Long-Term … Read more