Winter Car Safety

winter safety ontario roads

Every winter, there are snowstorms that are so bad that people get stuck for hours on the roadways. In 2014, a snowstorm in Buffalo stranded over 150 cars for over 24 hours because the snow came so fast and furiously, thanks to lake effect, that even snow plows couldn’t get through. This isn’t an everyday … Read more

What To Do If You Caused An Accident?

what to do if you caused an accident

There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of, when it comes to motor vehicle accidents and fault. It’s important that you consider these so that, if you are ever in an accident that you think you caused, you do the right thing. Stop! Fleeing the scene will subject you to … Read more

Canadian Traffic Laws You Haven’t Heard Of


If you’re planning to travel in Canada this year, instead of heading overseas or down south, there are some interesting laws that are technically still on the books in different provinces that you should know about before you hit the road. Take the time to familiarize yourself not only with any inter-provincial pandemic related travel … Read more

3 Major Causes of Car Accidents & How To Prevent Them

top 5 causes of car accidents

In my line of work, I’ve seen it all. From someone causing a four car pile up because they stopped to let a squirrel cross the road to another person being rear-ended by someone applying makeup while driving. The results of these accidents can be dire: fatalities or injuries that plague victims for months or … Read more

Can I Sue My Spouse For Causing The Accident That Hurt Me?


Short answer: it depends. Imagine these two scenarios: Scenario #1 — Your wife leaves the vacuum cleaner out and plugged in after using it, right at the top of the stairs. You turn the corner to go down the stairs, trip over the vacuum and fall head first down your uncarpeted steps, sustaining a head … Read more

Ontario’s New Traffic Laws – Time to Pay Attention Hamilton!

ontario traffic laws

Pay Attention Hamilton! Ontario’s New Driving Rules We all love to complain about our politicians, but now and again, they do something smart that I can appreciate. Last month, Ontario began enforcing a bunch of new traffic laws, and I think they’re  good for drivers. These new laws got a lot of press at the … Read more

Road Safety When On And Around Bicycles


Cycling was up throughout Ontario, including Hamilton, during the pandemic lockdown. In fact, with most manufacturers being overseas, there was even a bicycle shortage at stores throughout the country. Will the uptick in cycling be an ongoing trend? Only time will tell, but if it is, it’s probably best to brush up on some road … Read more

5 Practical Questions To Ask When Renewing Your Auto Insurance

renew progressive auto insurance policy

The questions you should always ask to make sure you have the best auto insurance coverage you can afford Right after you’ve had an accident is not the ideal time to brush up on your auto insurance coverages. If you ask most people on the street, they have no idea what they’re entitled to and … Read more

10 Bigtime Driving Hacks That Will Immediately Change How You Drive

ultimate driving hacks

These driving hacks will keep you, your passengers and those around you safe when you’re on the road Seeing how some people drive, you have to wonder if they remember that a) driving is a privilege and b) a two ton vehicle is basically a weapon, when placed in the wrong hands. I’ve seen too … Read more