Why do Insurance Carriers Deny LTD Claims?

In 2019, there were 8,917 serious injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents in Canada. This number includes people admitted to hospitals for treatment and observation. Serious injuries can significantly affect your life and those of your loved ones. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may not be able to do your daily activities … Read more

LTD Denial: The Insurance Company Tricks You Must Know

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or a motorcycle accident, you probably think that you should immediately talk to the insurance company of the party at fault. That’s not necessarily true. It’s wiser to wait and consult a car accident lawyer before you speak to the insurance company. You need an expert who … Read more

Insurance Companies: How Do They Decide What’s A Fair Settlement?


Dramatic trials, judges and juries are the stuff of Hollywood. Here’s how insurance companies decide what’s fair in the real world… Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, step aside; it’s time to let go of the myth that big insurance payouts happen in the dramatic fashion we see in Rainmaker and Erin Brockovich. In Canada, at … Read more

Long-Term Disability Insurance – The FAQ Roundup Blog

claim for disability insurance (di) benefits claim for disability insurance (di) benefits

A disability, whether unexpected or developed over time, can leave you financially trapped and unable to pay for your living expenses. It’s a scary spot to be in, especially if you’re the sole provider of your family, leaving you frustrated, confused and unsure what to do next. I’ve written several blogs about long-term disability, but … Read more

Can I Sue My Spouse For Causing The Accident That Hurt Me?


Short answer: it depends. Imagine these two scenarios: Scenario #1 — Your wife leaves the vacuum cleaner out and plugged in after using it, right at the top of the stairs. You turn the corner to go down the stairs, trip over the vacuum and fall head first down your uncarpeted steps, sustaining a head … Read more

Can I sue for whiplash in Ontario?


In Ontario, you don’t usually sue specifically for whiplash because whiplash is a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries often resolve on their own, hence there’s no case. So what you’re really suing for, when you sue because of whiplash, is chronic pain. What is a Soft Tissue Injury? Soft tissue injuries are injuries that … Read more

My 5 Most Popular Blogs About Hamilton & The Law


As we approach the end of the year, I thought it was a good time to look back at those posts readers have found most valuable. Some of the issues that I’ve addressed in these posts are worth re-visiting, so without further ado, here are five of my most popular posts on personal injury law … Read more

Is Your Case Really Free Or Is That Only If You Win?

what percentage does a personal injury lawyer charge

Straight Talk About Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Claims I’m going to bet that you’ve seen ads on television with lawyers loudly proclaiming that you won’t pay a dime unless you win your injury claim or action. But ‘winning’ is a relative term when it comes to the negotiated settlement of a personal injury claim or … Read more

Driving Without Insurance – Don’t Ever Do This

driving without insurance ontario

A couple times a year, someone walks through my door who’s had an accident, are not at fault, but have no insurance to help. It doesn’t matter how badly they’re injured, with no insurance, there’s simply nothing I can do to help. It’s heartbreaking. Having a motor vehicle accident is bad enough, but when you’re … Read more