My 5 Favourite Hamilton Blogs That Are Worth Reading

Hamilton, Ontario, a city that I love, is a city worth exploring and a great way to start is checking out locals writers

Whether you are a young family or a retired couple, a recent graduate or a seasoned worker, there is something for everyone in Hamilton.

It’s such a dynamic city, one that is growing as part of the development of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but expanding in a way that it’s retaining its small town, friendly feel.

A little while ago, I wrote about a few of my favourite accessible restaurants and not one of them was a chain operation. They’re local establishments, owned and operated by dedicated people who want to open their doors to everyone, regardless of mobility issues.

It’s that local touch that makes them particularly enjoyable though, so I thought I would share with you a few blogs that I like to follow to see what’s happening and changing in the city.

If You Are Interested In The Great Outdoors…

Dundas Valley Outdoors – is an informative blog about all the outdoorsy happenings in the area. Cameron Gorde, the blogger in charge, has been sharing pictures and stories from his outdoor adventures since 2011 and even released a book: “Exploring the Dundas Valley”, in 2015.

Whether you enjoy walking, hiking, cycling or kayaking, Cam has got the information you need, including the easiest way to access the places he mentions on his posts. My favourite post, being a bit of a history buff myself, is from March 2016: “The Hermitage – From Ruins to Reconstructed”

If You Prefer Indoor Pursuits, Like Dining…

The Hungry Gnome – this blogger is a self-described “food fanatic living in Hamilton, Ontario.”

In addition to writing her blog, she writes for the Good Taste section of Hamilton Magazine and has published some of her interesting food forays in the Hamilton Spectator.

But the best place to see what’s new and interesting is her blog. Just don’t read it if you’re hungry: the pictures alone will start your stomach growling.

To celebrate her birthday, she has an extensive ‘month of eating’ post, hashtag #Chantober, that is worth a peruse.

If Architecture Is Your Thing, Hamilton Has It In Spades…

Rebuild Hamilton – Thomas Allen is an architectural journalist who writes about buildings and their impacts, and he is particularly taken with our fair city of Hamilton.

To quote him: “Hamilton is full of architectural gems – some stand shine like a diamond, while others need more attention.”

As the city is going through a stage of renewal (he says), Thomas thinks it’s important for us to be aware of the environment we’ve built, and I couldn’t agree more.

I deal with people every day whose lives are fundamentally altered as a result of an accident. Their injuries change how they interact with their environment and a city that can accommodate them is the order of the day.

Blogs like Thomas’ remind us that buildings aren’t just static constructs, but living spaces that we should all be able to enjoy.

In Or Out, All About Hamilton…

This Must Be the Place – Described as “A Hamilton blog about the places I explore & love + all the reasons why I love this city”, and it’s exactly that. An ode to Hamilton, if you will.
My wife Sherry put me on to this wonderful gem.

With a description of summer festivals and little places you might not know about in and around Hamilton and some excellent photography, you get a view of things to see and do in the area.

My favourite? Her latest post, a tour of food trucks and breweries, all on SoBi bikes. Yes, the returning theme of my happy stomach is here again.

If You Want To Help The Hammer Be Great…

Raise the Hammer – This non-partisan group of citizens is doing what it can to help make Hamilton improve.

With a range of articles and editorials on issues from the Hamilton Light Rail to interviews with local artists, this site has a unique perspective on the things that Hamilton is great at, and the things to which we must pay greater attention.

Best of all is a list of upcoming events that have an impact on the community at large, including naturalist talks, general meetings and job fairs.

Check out these blogs when you have a moment or two and support the local writers and photographers who help to keep Hamilton great. Remember: local businesses keep cities alive and thriving!


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