Hamilton Charities – 4 Local Charities Worth Supporting

Hamilton Ontario has a great sense of community, and these 4 Hamilton charities are worth supporting…

There are so many charities that are doing excellent work in Hamilton and the surrounding area. How do you decide where to put your hard-earned dollars so they’ll do the most good for recipients?

It’s not an easy choice but it’s better to make a choice than not donate at all, so here are a few suggestions that might help. If you can’t spare the dollars, maybe you can spare a few hours and volunteer your time to help others. It’s a worthwhile investment, whichever route you choose.

4 Hamilton charities that are worth supporting!

Hamilton Children’s Aid Society – Charities in Hamilton Ontario that has great sense of community

The Hamilton CAS is one organization that is near and dear to my wife’s and my heart.

It’s is one of those organizations that engages in tireless, seemingly endless effort to protect the children it serves. In a perfect world, there would be no need to protect kids from abuse or neglect, physical, mental and emotional. But this is far from a perfect world and not-for-profit agencies like Hamilton CAS do incredible work that is worth supporting.

Children are our among our most vulnerable citizens and when they come to harm, it does not always happen in open view but it is definitely always in the worst interest of all citizens.

It’s the duty of the state to protect those who cannot protect themselves, those who need and deserve the safety and stability of a loving home to carry them through to a productive and happy adulthood. This the CAS can do and they do it well.

By helping families with resources to assist them when they need it most and bringing protection to children, the Hamilton CAS guides families towards new possibilities and new hope, throughout the area.

Visit their website for more information – www.HamiltonCAS.com

Hamilton / Burlington SPCA

Anyone who has ever known the love of a pet knows how outstanding that feeling is. There are so many animals that are abused, neglected or abandoned every year, animals that might never have a chance at knowing a little of that love were it not for organizations like the Hamilton / Burlington SPCA.

Their mandate is not only to protect, house and rehome abused or abandoned animals, but also to educate the public on responsible pet ownership.

With adoptions and happy ending stories up, they are also reminding Hamiltonians that it’s ‘hip to snip’. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is the responsible thing to do and with surgeries reaching a record high in 2016, they are doing their job so let’s help them in that effort with a solid donation or some volunteer hours.

Visit their website for more information — www.hbspca.com

Ronald McDonald House Hamilton – Hamilton Ontario Children’s Aid Society

As a parent, one of my worst fears is one of my kids getting hurt or sick and worse still, the idea that I wouldn’t be able to be there with them throughout a hospital stay. That is, however, the reality for so many families.

Children undergoing treatment need the love and support of their families and those family members shouldn’t have the additional worry of where they will rest their heads at night.

Built next to McMaster Children’s Hospital, a top pediatric health science centre that welcomes children from across the South Central Ontario region and beyond, RMHCH is independently owned and operated by Kid’s Care Oncology Central West Ontario. It is run by a volunteer board of directors, a small staff team and a legion of non-board volunteers. Without funds and volunteer hours, this 41 bedroom home couldn’t offer that ‘home away from home’ that families desperately need at a dire moment in their lives.

80% of their funding comes from fundraising efforts and donations. Want to make a difference? Visit their website for more information — www.rmhchamilton.ca

Hamilton Food Share

Did you know that over 12,250 people—and that includes 4,300+ children—need access to a food bank every month in Hamilton? I can’t imagine not being able to give my children the food they need everyday and I am in awe of this organization. They distribute over 2.5 million pounds of food annually in this area.

Basically, Hamilton Food Share is the central hub that feeds the Emergency Food Network in Hamilton. This network, made up of hunger-relief agencies and programs including emergency groceries, hot meals, holiday hampers and more. At the root of their mandate is the fundamental notion that people deserve to live with dignity and being hungry erodes that dignity in a way that is hard to overcome or ignore.

Visit their website for more information — www.HamiltonFoodShare.org

Reasons to support charities in Hamilton Ontario

I hope you’ve learned something you didn’t know about one of these amazing charities. Perhaps you’ll consider one or more of them the next time you want to put some dollars to help a valuable community asset.


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