How to Recover LTD Benefits When You Have an Invisible Injury

Recovering LTD Benefits When You have an Invisible Injury

If you have been injured and suffered an invisible injury, you may have difficulty getting benefits.  If you are having difficulty getting coverage from your long-term disability benefits provider, you need to understand what you can do to recover your benefits.  This article will help you understand the nature of an invisible injury, the challenges … Read more

Long-Term Disability Insurance – The FAQ Roundup Blog

claim for disability insurance (di) benefits claim for disability insurance (di) benefits

A disability, whether unexpected or developed over time, can leave you financially trapped and unable to pay for your living expenses. It’s a scary spot to be in, especially if you’re the sole provider of your family, leaving you frustrated, confused and unsure what to do next. I’ve written several blogs about long-term disability, but … Read more

Do I Need Disability Insurance?


Prevention is the best medicine. This blog may seem a bit off topic for a personal injury lawyer, but I frequently talk to people who find themselves in a tough situation when injured because either they don’t have insurance or don’t have enough insurance. I’m not an insurance salesman, but I work with insurance companies … Read more

Can I sue for whiplash in Ontario?


In Ontario, you don’t usually sue specifically for whiplash because whiplash is a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries often resolve on their own, hence there’s no case. So what you’re really suing for, when you sue because of whiplash, is chronic pain. What is a Soft Tissue Injury? Soft tissue injuries are injuries that … Read more

Denied Long Term Disability Benefits? Now What?


What do you do if you’ve been denied long term disability benefits? You’re in a tough situation but don’t panic. I’m going to walk you through those things you can do to build your case and get the help you need. The first thing to understand about long term disability decisions is that the decision … Read more

Long Term Disability Claims – How Long Will It Take?


The other week I wrote about why accident claims take 2-3 years to resolve. If there’s anything positive to be said about long term disability claims, it’s that they resolve more quickly. 1-2 years is the norm. There’s two main reasons I’m going to outline today: The Nature of the Claim Itself If you read … Read more

How To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Without A Lawyer

what is a personal injury claim

Here is how to file a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer…Step 1: Don’t do it. Okay, okay, you had to know I was going to write that. While it’s possible to file a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer, it’s not recommended. Why? Because the defendant, an insurance company (or someone represented by an … Read more

In Support Of Ontario’s Personal Support Workers


In the wake of Covid-19 and the awful results in long term care facilities (LTC) throughout the province, elder neglect has become a hot point in the public psyche. Unfortunately, this sentiment has resulted in PSWs—Personal Support Workers—becoming common scapegoats. But is this fair or accurate? In a word: NO. While there is certainly no … Read more

Denied Disability Benefits? What You Can Do


Denied Disability Benefits? What You Need to Know Your job is your livelihood, and you depend on it to take care of your loved ones, your family and yourself. When your livelihood is jeopardized because you’re unable to work due to mental or physical disability, your first thought may be to turn to private insurance … Read more

What to Do If You’re Denied Long Term Disability


Being denied long term disability by your insurance company is frustrating and stressful, but it’s not the end of the road. This video outlines four things you need to know about long term disability and different options for moving forward…