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The Future Of Safe Cycling In Hamilton

I came across an article recently about the City of Saskatoon removing bike lanes on one of their major arteries. The reason? “Detractors were concerned about the lanes limiting parking spaces and creating an unsafe, confusing situation for drivers.” This pilot project included white posts along the route. Hamilton, on the other hand, has decided […]

What You Need To Know About Driving Under The Influence of Pot In Ontario

Early in 2019, a Nova Scotia woman named Michelle Gray, who routinely used medical marijuana to manage her multiple sclerosis, was subjected to a roadside saliva test. It showed, that she still had some THC—the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis—in her system. She advised she hadn’t had any for seven hours prior to driving and passed […]

Why Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

After a car accident or other sustained injury, you might be in shock. You might not remember everything about what happened. You might even be tempted to hide how you are feeling, in case it impacts your insurance rates, or on the other side of the equation, hide any improvements in your health, in case […]