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What To Look For When Reading Google Reviews

If you’ve had an accident, the next logical step after seeing your doctor is to see a lawyer. But unless you’ve had to call a personal injury lawyer in the past, you’ll likely end up googling someone in your area, and reading reviews for each lawyer in your search results can help you narrow the […]

In Support Of Ontario’s Personal Support Workers

In the wake of Covid-19 and the awful results in long term care facilities (LTC) throughout the province, elder neglect has become a hot point in the public psyche. Unfortunately, this sentiment has resulted in PSWs—Personal Support Workers—becoming common scapegoats. But is this fair or accurate? In a word: NO. While there is certainly no […]

What Are Invisible Injuries?

I can’t tell you the number of times a new client has come to me, days, weeks or even months after their accident and said: “I didn’t know I was really injured.” So many injuries don’t come up on a scan or x-ray; they’re not always immediately ‘visible’ and their lack of tangibility make them […]

If Your Loved One Contracts COVID-19 at a Care Home, Do You Have A Case?

You’ve seen the news and you know the reality: a large number of those dying from COVID-19 are elderly people in long term care (LTC) facilities throughout Ontario. This virus is particularly dangerous for seniors, so LTCs have become hot zones of outbreaks: in close quarters, with underpaid and insufficient staffing, and with resources like […]

All You Need to Know About Claims, Benefits, and Insurance Policies : April 13th Legal Talk With Derek Wilson

Transcript April 13 Legal Talk With Derek Wilson Topic 1: How to Work with Your Personal Injury Lawyer Laura Hampshire: Welcome to Legal Talk with Derek Wilson on 900 CHML. I’m Laura Hampshire, joined by Derek Wilson, personal injury lawyer with 20 plus years experience, even though you’re only 29, right Derek? Derek Wilson: Yeah, […]

How to File A Personal Injury Case for Child

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their child being seriously injured in an accident. As the father of two boys, I often run through worst case scenarios in my head, with a view to protecting them. There’s no way to completely wrap them in cotton and bubble wrap, much as I’d like to, and the reality […]