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Cycling Niagara – Breathtaking Vistas

It’s time to get out the bikes and (safely) explore Niagara’s waterfront trail Thanks to the Niagara Parkway, you and your family can enjoy all the gorgeous landscapes of the Niagara area on two wheels, safely and calmly. Beginning in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the 55 kilometre route winds its way through some of the province’s most beautiful […]

Top 5 Best Legal Movies: Must See

As a lawyer, it’s always fascinating to see how my profession is portrayed on the big screen. So often, the characters are way overblown; caricatures of the reality. Unfortunately for my wife, I usually end up talking back to the screen during these movies, telling the lawyer that he or she has it all wrong… […]

Is Social Media the New Surveillance?

Despite recent court decisions, social media surveillance could still be used. We tell our kids that nothing they write or say online is private. We tell them that the follies they share online could follow them into adulthood, to their detriment. We tell them to be careful what they share, and with whom, on social […]

Score One For Kids Who Play Sports: Rowan’s Law Passed

Rowan’s Law had its start in the USA. In 2009, Washington State passed a law called “Lystedt Law”, which required the mandatory removal of a youth from a game—regardless of the sport—where concussion was suspected, as well as compulsory education for coaches, players, teachers and parents. This was on the heels of the near-fatal brain […]