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Injured From A Slip And Fall? Why Time Is Of The Essence!

I’ve talked before about the importance of getting a personal injury lawyer involved in a slip and fall case on public property RIGHT AWAY because of the requirement of notice within ten days. But what about accidents on private property? How Notice Of Claim Limits Work On Public Property Just as a quick reminder, according […]

Are You Guilty of Distracted Walking?

There’s a lot of talk about distracted driving, but what about distracted pedestrians? It might seem patently unfair to talk about pedestrians ‘causing’ accidents. After all, cars outweigh the average human by two tons and any injuries resulting from a collision between a person and a car are likely to impact the pedestrian far more […]

The Future Of Safe Cycling In Hamilton

I came across an article recently about the City of Saskatoon removing bike lanes on one of their major arteries. The reason? “Detractors were concerned about the lanes limiting parking spaces and creating an unsafe, confusing situation for drivers.” This pilot project included white posts along the route. Hamilton, on the other hand, has decided […]