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Why Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

After a car accident or other sustained injury, you might be in shock. You might not remember everything about what happened. You might even be tempted to hide how you are feeling, in case it impacts your insurance rates, or on the other side of the equation, hide any improvements in your health, in case […]

Good Samaritan: Can You Be Sued If You Help Someone In An Accident Or Injury Situation And Things Go Wrong?

Typically, no. The Good Samaritan Act of 2001 allows individuals in Ontario to help other people and protects them from any kind of liability resulting from their actions. The intent of the law is to encourage people to do what’s right, without fear of personal repercussions. If you remain at the scene of an accident […]

Why Hamilton Is The Best City in Ontario

If you asked me where I would practice if I could choose anywhere, I’d choose Hamilton every time. There’s a small town vibe that makes it great for families but culture and style are still a big part of the city. It’s the best of two worlds and only a quick jump away from Toronto. […]

Skating In Winter Wonderlands

Despite being a personal injury lawyer here in Hamilton, I still enjoy the thrill of getting out on to a fresh piece of ice every winter and testing out my summer rusted skills. Gliding along the ice in the crisp, cold air is the quintessential Canadian winter sport and is definitely one of my favourites. […]

Is The Insurance Company Trying To Upset Your Case?

When dealing with claims and lawsuits, it’s hard not to see the process as adversarial, even personal. You, as the injured party, want a certain result and the insurance company, not surprisingly, wants a different one. What’s important to remember is that the insurance company is not on a personal quest to destroy your case. […]

Cool Winter Activities In The Niagara Area

Let’s Include St. Catharines and Hamilton for even cooler options… The holiday season is over and done with, and it’s time to settle in to the pattern of cold and snow that is a Canadian reality. Keeping busy with activities and outings that are fun for the whole family will help keep the winter doldrums […]

How Insurance Companies Decide The Cost Of Your Auto Injury

It’s a horrible to put a dollar value on a traumatic event, but the insurance company will, so you had best be prepared How the insurance company evaluates the value of your personal injury claim should be relatively straightforward and consistent, from case to case. But experience has shown me otherwise, and I’ve seen many […]