How Insurance Companies Determine Compensation – An Insider’s Perspective


This is the blog I’d like every client to read. Before starting Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law, I worked as defense for the insurance companies. I saw, first hand, exactly how insurance companies determine compensation and make their decisions. I also saw why some people received generous compensation while others with similar injuries received none. … Read more

Six Ways Insurance Companies Try To Destroy Your Case


Insurance companies are not charities, and if you’re injured in a car accident or another way, the insurance company is always going to try to minimize your claim. I worked defense for the insurance companies for many years, thus I know firsthand how insurance companies try to minimize how much they’ll eventually have to pay … Read more

What To Do If You Have A Slip And Fall At A Tourist Site Like Niagara Falls

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A little while ago, I wrote about accessible friendly places to visit in Niagara Falls. By sheer coincidence, I got a call a day later from someone who had sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident, at a tourist venue in Niagara Falls. The actual location shall remain nameless, but it occurred to … Read more

Why Social Media & Personal Injury Cases Are Like Oil & Water

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If you’re in the middle of a personal injury suit, do yourself a favour and stay off of social media. It may sound harsh but the single biggest reason that personal injury cases don’t go well is when perception becomes reality. ‘What are you talking about?’, I can hear you saying. It’s simple, really. Let … Read more

Personal Injury Calculator – Do They Work?


Personal Injury settlement calculator is a tool that you can use in order to get an estimate of how much compensation you are liable to get for pain and suffering the quickest and easiest way. Most injury settlement calculators typically ask for details in general such as whether how much income you have lost and … Read more

What To Look For When Reading Google Reviews

If you’ve had an accident, the next logical step after seeing your doctor is to see a lawyer. But unless you’ve had to call a personal injury lawyer in the past, you’ll likely end up googling someone in your area, and reading reviews for each lawyer in your search results can help you narrow the … Read more