Motorcycle Riding: Rules Of The Road

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With the arrival of warmer weather comes the sound of motorcycle engines revving and raring to go. It’s understandable that those who love to ride will be chomping at the bit to get out on the open road, alone or with their like-minded friends, so a little reminder about the rules of the road is … Read more

Pedestrians: Protect Yourself and Don’t Become A Target

pedestrian hit by car

As a pedestrian hit by car, you should know what your next steps need to be. In 2016, 43 people pedestrians died in traffic related accidents in Toronto. That was the highest number recorded since 2005. A disproportionate number of those killed were over the age of 55, which begs the question as to whether … Read more

If You’re A Pedestrian Hit By A Car, What To Do?


Did you know that Hamilton is the second most dangerous city in Ontario for pedestrians? When CBC first published this finding in 2013, it was controversial, but few argued the stat. Having followed the news this last winter, I don’t think it’s getting better. Thus it’s important for pedestrians to take their safety into their … Read more

What to Do If You’re Denied Long Term Disability


Being denied long term disability by your insurance company is frustrating and stressful, but it’s not the end of the road. This video outlines four things you need to know about long term disability and different options for moving forward…

What is Whiplash: Everything You Need To Know and What To Do


Soft tissue injuries like whiplash can go well beyond pain. Being in a car accident is hard enough, but being injured in a car accident is worse. When you add pain and PTSD into the mix, what seemed like a simple soft tissue injury can quickly become a lifelong problem. What Is A Soft Tissue … Read more

4 Amazing Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do In Hamilton


With the seasons changing, I thought it’d make a nice departure to blog about something other than personal injury law here in Hamilton. After all, even the busiest personal injury lawyers have to get out sometimes too! One of the reasons I decided to practice here in Hamilton is because, quite simply, I love this town. I know … Read more