All You Need to Know About Claims, Benefits, and Insurance Policies : April 13th Legal Talk With Derek Wilson

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Transcript April 13 Legal Talk With Derek Wilson Topic 1: How to Work with Your Personal Injury Lawyer Laura Hampshire: Welcome to Legal Talk with Derek Wilson on 900 CHML. I’m Laura Hampshire, joined by Derek Wilson, personal injury lawyer with 20 plus years experience, even though you’re only 29, right Derek? Derek Wilson: Yeah, … Read more

How To Simply Work With, Not Against, Your Injury Lawyer


Personal injury law, in particular, requires a certain level of trust and cooperation In as much as you need to trust your injury lawyer, he or she needs to trust you. If your lawyer feels like you are hiding things from them, they won’t be able to work to get you the best possible settlement … Read more

If You’ve Been Injured In An Auto Accident, Here’s Why You Must Hurry Up And Wait

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Personal injury claims are an odd mix of hurry up and wait. On the one hand, there are important deadlines to meet in order to maximize your chance of success. On the other hand, a personal injury case can take upwards of two years to resolve. Add in the fact that the impact of some … Read more

Motorcycle Accidents – 5 Safety Tips For The Spring

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Spring is the most dangerous season for motorcyclists. I work with a lot of motorcycle injuries victims.  It’s become a bit of a niche for my business and I’m glad – I love motorcycles myself and I support these guys. I find that spring is particularly dangerous for bikers. Motorists forget to watch for motorcyclists … Read more

How to File A Personal Injury Case for Child

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their child being seriously injured in an accident. As the father of two boys, I often run through worst case scenarios in my head, with a view to protecting them. There’s no way to completely wrap them in cotton and bubble wrap, much as I’d like to, and the reality … Read more

How To Keep Kids Safe In The Car: Their Life Depends on It


Being in a motor vehicle accident can be life changing; even more so when you have a small child in the car. While you can’t predict when or where an accident may occur, you can take precautions to prevent your children from getting hurt; and it starts by understanding and implementing proper car seat guidelines. … Read more